Eight new crews on the Longtze circuit! – Final of the Longtze European Tour, this weekend

German, Swiss, French, Turkish, the new crews on the Longtze circuit are no exception to the rule: all good sailors, they chose the Longtze Premier for its performance and the pleasure this sportboat gives its crew, especially while racing. Today they join the Longtze European Tour for the thrill of monotype racing.
« This relatively important arrival of new owners is what we have been hoping for since the launch of the circuit », comments Pierre Mas « It is also the result of a long process of development that is beginning to bear fruit. »

 New skippers,new destinations?
Among these « rookies »: Amrcus Graf, Swiss importer of the Longtze, one of the first to have believed in this avant-garde sportboat ; German Michael Begher (Maycor); Frenchman Dimitri Hardouin-Deleuze (Lunanbule), partnered for the occasion with Arthur Levaillant, one of the young « pioneers » of the circuit; the Swiss Walter Schneider (Outsider); his compatriot Beat Frank (Qi) president of the very young Swiss association of Longtze owners, the Frenchwoman Béatrice Maupas Sauvage and the Turk Gordon Orhan.
« Today, the Longtze is one of best compromises speed/technology that there is.  I was looking for this type of boat for several years and here it is, I know that we are going to have some superb regattas in this sportboat.
I also hope the Longtze European Tour will continue to develop, especially in new countries…and why not in Turkey! The Longtzes could compete in the  » Bosphorus Cup », at the foot of the magical Istanbul.  In the South of Turkey, Çeşme, Bodrum and Göcek are also superb waters for this type of competition.
Lots of people are interested in the Longtze in Turkey and we are hoping to compete in all the events on the Longtze European Tour 2011! »
comments the Turkish skipper Gordon Orhan.

 Place your bets, the stakes are high
Some « rookies » of this Bodensee Cup have already mastered the Longtze, others have discovered a serious racer… The Longtze European Tour regulars will therefore have a hard time in this 2010 final, organized by the SVB Segler-Vereinigung Bottighofen.
« It will be tough out there, » warns Pierre Mas. « Jarmo Wieland (Shensu) and his team are progressing very quickly, Stephane Christidis and his team from the Naval Academy are back, George Asperti (Ovik) and the Longtze »Voiles et Voiliers » (skippered by Laurent Berjon and which hosts a Voiles et Voiliers reader at each event ndr) have always been well placed. We expect some nice surprises from the new crews: once again, there is such a high standard! »
Also note the participation of Marcus Ziltener (Carissima), very active in the association of Swiss Longtze owners.

 Then, of course, Eckhard Kaller and his loyal and now experienced crew from « Wet feet » have a serious advantage. The German team has performed flawlessly since the beginning of the year. He has 15 points and a season of experience ahead of his competitors. But in the wake of the remarkable German team, other racers are leaving their mark: newcomers who may well soon leave their talented mark on the Longtze European Tour’s young history.

 Rendez-vous this weekend, from 22nd to 24th October, in Bottighoffen, on Lake Constance in Switzerland, for the Bodensee Cup, final of the Longtze European Tour 2010.

 List of registrations for the Bodensee Cup, final of the Longtze European Tour 2010
AUT 815 – Nusskern Franz
SUI 816 – Ziltener Markus – Carissima
* GER 817 – Berenbach Michael – Maycor
* SUI 824 – Graf Markus
GER 824 – Kaller Eckhard – Wetfeet.de
SUI 825 – Wieland Jarmo – Shensu
FRA 830 – Asperti Georges – OVIK
* GER 832 – Begher Michael – Corvus
FRA836 – Berjon Laurent – Voiles et Voiliers
* FRA838 – Hardouin-Deleuze Dimitri – Lunambule (avec Arthur Levaillant)
* SUI 840 – Schneider Walter – Outsider
* SUI 826 – Frank Beat – Qi
FRA – Christidis Stephane – Ecole Navale
* TUR – Gorbon Orhan
* FRA – Maupas Sauvage Béatrice

 (* Newcomers to the Longtze circuit)

General Ranking / Classement Général 2010
Provisional – After 4 events
1 Eckhard Kaller (Germany) – WET FEET  43 points
2 Matthieu Girolet / Georges Asperti (France) – OVIK 28 points  
3 Laurent Berjon (France) – VOILES & VOILIERS 26 points
4 Ljarmo Wieland (Switzerland) – SHENSU 23 points
5 Nicolas Béranger* (France) – UN MAILLOT POUR LA VIE 23 points          
6 Markus Ziltener (Switzerland) – CARISSIMA 20  points
7 Pierre Mas (France) – WAZABEE 16 points
8 Hughes Moulin / Mathieu Roynette / Edouard Danel (France) – TCHIKK** 11 points
9 Stéphane Christidis (France) – ECOLE NAVALE – HEC SAILING TEAM 11 points           
10 Laurent Sailly (France) – P’TIT PIDUCE 10  points
11 Silvio Mueller (Switzerland) – ASSO99 6 points
12 Philippe Claude (France) – ATHEMA 6 points  
13 Dmitriy RASSKAZOV (Russia) – RUS 804 5 points            
14 Emmanuel Sauvage (France) – SAUVAGE 4 points        
15 Dominique Bourgeois (France) – ALIBI 4 points  
16 Manuel Vacari (Italy) – OXO SAILS 3 points
17 Vladislav IVANOVSKIY (Russia) – RUS 806 3 points
18 Ewald Aichinger (Austria) – AUT 812 2 points
19 Felix Somm (Switzerland) – SUI 811 2 points      
20 Ben Kay (UK) – LONGTZE WAY BEHIND 1 points     
21 François Riché (France) – FR.SAILING.COM 1 points           
22 Jacques Van Den Heuvel (Netherland) – ANCRE DE CHINE 1 points
 * Grand Prix Ecole Navale : Jimmy Pahun Co-Skipper  – REGION ILE DE FRANCE Sponsor       
 ** Cowes Week : STADE FRANCAIS sponsor          



In a Longtze Premier, you won’t go unnoticed!
Innovative, high tech, powerful, the Longtze Premier is also a keelboat which is easy to handle.  Safe and sure, it gives you the most exhilarating gliding sensations from the very first touch.  All those who have sailed her have been instantly seduced! On the water, the Longtze’s silhouette distinguishes her immediately from the other sailboats. Interest and attention are instantly attracted…a considerable asset for any investor. 
The Longtze Premier is much more than a high tech sportboat and a sailor: it is the whole package.  To purchase a Longtze Premier is to invest in a complete sporting and media season.  It is to buy into an extraordinary communication tool of outstanding value.
The Longtze Yacht company proposes a complete sponsorship package for businesses : boat design, crew recruitment, management of the technical and logistical programme, etc.
Created by Steve Thompson, a New Zealand designer, the Longtze Premier was developed by the America’s Cup Team, Le Défi.

Longtze Premier with Racing Sails : 29 986 € without Tax – ex- factory. ( hull and deck fully equipped and ready for sailing with Harken deck hardware, Lewmar hatch, carbon reinforced keel with lead ballast, carbon rudder, carbon tiller and tiller extension, carbon mast and boom, Dyform standing and running rigging, hiking straps, carbon prod piece).

 Transport Costs (customs duty included) for delivery at Le Havre or Marseilles : 2 267 € per boat.

  Longtze Premier with Racing Sails Package  EUR 32 253 without VAT
Lease Purchase: first payment of 9.000 € including all taxes and 35 monthly payments of 790 € including all taxes (as an indication).

 Technical Specifications
 Length (LOA) : 6.8 m
Beam: 2.57 m (without removing wings: 2.35 m)
Draft : 1.8 m
Mast height : 11.4 m
Mainsail Racing : 20.6 sqm
Code 1 Jib Racing : 13.4 sqm
Code 1 Asymmetrical Spinnaker Racing : 58.5 sqm
Weight of hull : 260 kg
Weight of keel and bulb : 300 kg