Alegre », « Matador » and « Iberostar » remain leaders in spite of today’s tricky conditions.

« Movistar » holds to her leadership on the RI score board, after the division’s only race today.

The compensated time classes will face their coastal race tomorrow, which may prove decisive for the final classification.

Palma de Mallorca, 3 August. The ideal conditions of the opening day of the 29 Copa del Rey Audi Mapfre didn’t accompany today’s races, and the shifty breeze only allowed one race per class in the Alpha and Bravo areas. The former held the only windward-leeward race for the RI1 division, where « Rats on fire » was the unexpected winner and climbs up to the first position of her class after three races. « Red Eléctrica » also does so in the X-35 one-design class. On the other hand, « Movistar » of Pedro Campos comfortably won today’s race, and increases her advantage over the RI2 second classified, « Tanit IV Medilevel » of María José Vila. IRC and X-41 couldn’t start their race till late in the afternoon, which resulted in victories for « Alegre » in IRC 1, « Matador » in IRC 2, and « Iberostar » in X-41, respectively.

One start was given at 13:20 in the race course Bravo, opposite the airport, for the IRC Mini Maxis, followed by another one for the IRC B just five minutes later, but the committee was forced to cancel both of them due to a big wind shift to the west. Two hours later, the wind from the NE -known as gregal by the locals- established, and the committee gave called a second start, but the wind dropped to less than five knots, what forced the committee to call the race off again. It was not until four o’clock when the wind made it possible to give a start for both IRC and X-41. In the barely eight knots, « Alegre » was able to win, and increases her advantage over the IRC A division. « Matador », « Bribón » and « Cristabella », the three IRC B top boats, crossed the finish line in that same order. The classification remains the same as it was yesterday, with the three boats in the first, second and third position respectively. « We didn’t have the typical Palma conditions today », said Guillermo Parada, helmsman of Matador. « The wind didn’t settle and we run our only race in a shifty sea breeze which could only build up in the afternoon. Bribón did a good first beat, and we were on the third position behind the three top boats, and were fourth at the first top mark. But in that run Francesco (Bruni) and Vasco (Vascotto) did a great job spotting a shift, we gybed and I think there’s were we won the race. We chose the left hand side on the second beat and that allowed us to move up to the first place ». « Cam » with Prince of Asturias at the helm, could only manage a 5th place.

The RI1 division was the only one to start at the scheduled time in the Alpha race area, next to the mouth of the port. The wind established on time and a few minutes past one, the start of the race was given. « Ceylon 1943 », one of the favorites, was over the line and had to auto penalize, and drops down to the 14th position. That favored « Rats on fire » of Rafael Carbonell, which won the race, and is now the leader of the class after three races.

Pedro Campos « Movistar » controlled the day’s only race in RI2 from start to finish, and holds to the lead with a short advantage over second classified « Tanit IV Medilevel » of Nacho Campos, also second in today’s race. « Vell Marí » finished in tenth place, keeping her third place in the overall classification after three races, but two points behind the top two boats.


As far as the one-design classes are concerned, the victory was for « X on the beach », which moves up to the 3rd place in the overall scoring. »Red Eléctrica » is the early leader of the class after proving very consistent in spite of the shifty conditions. « It’s been a difficult day today, more than we expected, but we are happy with our performance. We started in a northerly breeze, the sea was flat, but the wind was very shifty and puffy, and the sea breeze we were expecting didn’t build up. There were big wholes, and the race was really difficult, in one leg you could go down from a first to a ninth place », said Javier Sanz, boat-owner of the Spanish X-35.

Regarding the X-41s, which also run in the Alpha race area, « Isato » of Pablo Braquehais , climbs up to the second overall position, just one point behind « Iberostar », which finished third and remains at the top of the classification.