second day of racing of the Region of Sardinia Trophy

Quotes of the day  
   Autonomous Region of Sardinia Trophy, 22 07 2009  

The sailors talk straight after the race. This is a selection of the quotes of the second day of racing of the Region of Sardinia Trophy.



Grant Dalton (NZL), CEO and Mast-man Emirates Team New Zealand (NZL):
« We were deep in both races and I guess we learned as much in Alicante as with other regattas if you are deep you are not going to win the race but, number one, you try not to make the situation worse which is not hard to do. But I think we are quick and all we could do was try and recover, which we did.
Yesterday was an exceptional day for us and you don’t get them together. So we will just keep what we are doing, going fast. We have been in the situation before with other campaigns when you go from great days but nothing changes, we just keep on doing what we have been doing. »

Simon Fry
(GBR), trimmer Matador (ARG):
« It was really quite tricky and the aim was just to keep the heads out of the boat, to keep an eye on the left. The first race Francesco (Bruni) liked the left and basically we nailed the start and off we went. Second race we were a bit sticky downwind but we have a new A1 (spinnaker) to card (register), and so I think that will see the light of day tomorrow.
But it is amazing, ten knots of breeze and everyone seems to go very, very similar speeds. Today, with a little bit less, it was very different. Gear changing: some boats executed really, really good gear changing today. »

Terry Hutchinson (USA), skipper-helm of Quantum Racing (USA):
« The biggest mistake we could make at the moment would be to over-react. What we have to focus on for sure is making good starts, figuring where the first shift is coming from and concentrate on our good boat handling. But for sure, we are now experiencing what some of our competitors went through last season when we had a speed edge. Now we kind of have to re-calibrate and try to figure out where we go from here. »

Vasco Vascotto (ITA), tactician onboard Airis (ITA):
« It’s been a fantastic day for us, we’ve sailed very well, all the crew has done a great job. Cameron has done two great starts and I think it’s been a great day, unfortunately the second one was not that good, but tomorrow we will just try not to do the same mistakes. I try to do it simple; in the two first races it was all right, and in the third one I’ve made a mistake: I should have tacked under Roma, but we are human you know »