The 2010 Mini Pavois starts on May 4th at noon!

– 800 miles solo on minis 6.50 from the 4th, at 12 am, to the 14th of May 2010.
– A qualifying race for both the 2010 Azores-Les Sables and 2011 The Charente-Maritime/Bahia Transat 6.50.

The 2010 Mini Pavois will be interesting, first solo race of the season for Minis 6.50 with a leg of over 500 miles! D-7 prior to the start there are 47 sailors and the list could get bigger, knowing that some have waited to register for the previous race to be in the bag – the Select 6.50. Once again we will enjoy the sailing qualities of some of the Charente-Maritime/Bahia Transat 6,50 offenders but also many newcomers in both categories (prototypes and series).
800 miles solo…
Qualifying for The 2011 Charente-Maritime/Bahia Transat 6.50, the Mini Pavois is the third race on the Atlantic Ocean of the Classe Mini 2010 season, after the Demi-Clé 6.50 and the Select 6,50. The Mini Pavois will be the first longest race of the season, with 800 miles solo and two legs. This sixth edition of the Mini Pavois – organized by Grand Pavois Organisation – will take the fleet for the fourth time heading south, with a crossing of the Bay of Biscay, 300 miles, with a stopover in Gijon (Asturias, Spain) and 500 miles back to La Rochelle via southern Brittany.

47 sailors entered to date…
On the 27th of April 47 sailors have registered for the 2010 Mini Pavois. There are 19 prototypes for 28 series or 33 French and 14 non-French. Once again, the internationalization of the Classe Mini speaks for itself with the presence of two Spanish, Jorge Maden Ruiz and Nacho Orti, a Turkish with Tolga Pamir, a Czech with Milan Kolacek, two American with Andy Abel and Ryan Finn, two Dutch with Robert Rosen Jacobson and Lucas Schroder, a Scottish with Ewan Stirling, a Belgian with Jonas Gerckens, two German with Jorg Riechers and Henrik Masekowitz, a Swiss with Etienne David and finally, a New Zealander with Conrad Colman.
Who will win the game?
First single-handed regatta of the 2010 season, this Mini Pavois is going to confirm the strength of some after the Atlantic and Mediterranean races, or observe the « birth » of new boss.

On the side of prototypes, please monitor Nicolas Boidevezi (719 – Défi G.D.E.) on a design Bertrand 2008, which finished 7th in the last Charente-Maritime/Bahia Transat 6.50 and 5th in the Select 6.50. Jorg Riechers (753 – on its 2009 design Bertrand, winner of Transgascogne 2009 and that recently finished 2nd in the Select 6.50. As well as Sébastien Rogues who traded his series boat for the design Lombard that was in the hands of Henri-Paul Schipman, 3rd in Salvador de Bahia in 2009. Sébastien who was very recently crowned with victory in the Select 6.50… Remember that he was nearly three hours ahead of the second!  Also note the arrival in the prototypes category of a Swiss who is already known in the sailing world: Etienne David (679 – Teamwork). With several participations in the Tour de France à la Voile and an impressive record of achievements, Etienne will sail off on Stéphane Le Diraison’s former Manuard 2007 that finished 4th in the last Charente-Maritime/Bahia Transat 6,50. Stéphane, with whom, he recently won the Grand Prix d’Italie.  
Same version for Milan Kolacek (Manuard 2009 – N° 791), he won the double-handed race the Demi-Clé and finished 8th in the Select 6.50. You should also rely on the only woman that is racing on a Proto: Véronique Loisel (429 – De l’espace pour la mer), she sails on a proto Lombard 2003 – Alex Pella’s former boat – that was 2nd in the 2005 edition of the Charente-Maritime/Bahia Transat 6.50. Lucas Montagne is sailing aboard the N° 618, a Finot that was in the hands of Peter Laureyssens in 2007 and in Olivier Avram’s in 2009. A boat that has great potential! Also look at two new prototypes: Thomas Normand (787 – Financière de l’Echiquier) on a design Manuard 2010 that finished 7th in the Select 6.50 and David Raison, who will attend his first race aboard his amazing Magnum. This design Raison should not go unnoticed!  Finally, note the arrival on the circuit of a free ride World Champion (extreme skiing) Aurélien Ducroz (417 – Nissan) on a proto Lombard. After plenty of challenges on snow,  Aurélien wants a challenge at sea!
On the side of series boats, 19 Pogo 2 will be lining at the start among the 28 listed. Once again, the design Finot will be the most represented. Two Manuard’s Tip-Top will be on the start line with Jorge Maden Ruiz (636 – Casio G-Shock) and Loïc Le Bras (579 – Cachaca) and three new Rolland’s D2 in the hands of Tolga Pamir (737 – Yakamoz), Pierre Cizeau (746 – E = MD2) and Brendan Archin (757 – Bibounde), who just finished 2nd in the last Select 6.50. Will the supremacy Pogo 2 be shattered? To be continued… Knowing that there will be two Zero, a Dingo and a 1998’s Pogo 1, in the hands of Serge Bertrand (230 – Minimum). Six competitors are coming back after their adventure in The Charente-Maritime/Bahia Transat 6.50 2009: Robert Rosen Jacobson (602 -Ned602), Emmanuel Renaud (446 – Koati), Conrad Colman (480 – Betelgeuse), Amaury François (697 – Minus), Marc Vertes (733 – Les amis de la terre kokopelli) and the amazing Xavier Macaire (472 – Masoco Bay) who finished third in series in 2009!

2009 Mini Pavois podium:
1. Thomas Ruyant (Faber France)
2. Bertrand Delesne (Raging Bull and Entreprendre Durablement)
3. Rémi Auburn (AT Children’s Project)
1. Davy Beaudart (Port à sec Guy Beaudart)
2. Fabien Sellier (Surfrider Foundation)
3. Pierre-Yves Lautrou (Altaïde Moovement)

2010 Mini Pavois:
La Rochelle (Charente-Maritime) / Gijón (Asturias) / La Rochelle (Charente-Maritime).
Start: Tuesday the 4th of May 2010
Nautical miles: 800 nm – two legs (300 + 500 miles) or 1,481 km.
Boats: 60 boats, two categories, series and prototypes.
Two rankings Series and prototypes.
Organization: GPO – Grand Pavois Organisation